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 Dr. Michael Jackson remained "panicked" voice mail after death

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Dr. Michael Jackson remained "panicked" voice mail after death Empty
PostSubject: Dr. Michael Jackson remained "panicked" voice mail after death   Dr. Michael Jackson remained "panicked" voice mail after death Icon-new-badgeMon Oct 03, 2011 6:03 am

Dr. Michael Jackson remained "panicked" voice mail after death

In addition to the certificate assistant and bodyguard claims MJ children were in the room when he died.
By Gil Kaufman, with additional reporting by Kara Warner

Conrad Murray
Photo: Pool / Getty

And appeared on the second day of testimony in the trial of manslaughter Michael Jackson Conrad Murray doctor detected more condemnation from MJ and personal assistant chief of security, as well as staff to Live AEG, a company that was promoting the singer 50 demonstrate this fact and tried to return the tour.
Among the revelation and description of Wednesday (28 September), a lawyer for the Live AEG, Kathy Jorrie, a written up between AEG, Murray and Jackson. The document specified that Murray was scheduled to pay a $ 150,000 retainer per month, even when this is it was on hiatus, and requested that your heart CPR to Jackson during the run of shows in London.

As for why he needed a device used to revive, TMZ reported that Murray claimed that he did not want to try as to the age of MJ (50) and arduous nature of the show. Jorrie also said that in a conversation with Murray in the June 24, 2009 - the day before Jackson's death - the doctor said he'd seen the performance of his client and that he looked healthy, "good."

She also stressed that the contract - which was established 10 days before Jackson's death - were not never signed by any of the parties, and that includes the revisions requested by the Murray, including the payment of retroactive dating back to May 2009 through March 2010 and be excused from the requirement to recover any of the monthly retainer if Jackson has his or cancel the trip.

In an attempt to develop a schedule of events on the day of Jackson's death, and prosecutors called Personal Assistant pop icon Prince, Michael Williams, who discussed the panicked voice mail he received from Murray. After watching the "amazing" dress rehearsal the night before, Williams said he picked up an urgent voice mail from Murray in the next day at 12:13 and asked him to call back immediately to discuss the "bad reaction" was MJ.

When he arrived at Williams in the real estate leased Jackson in Beverly Hills, the first thing he saw President on a stretcher and "frantic-looking Murray, was released after the death of Jackson, the families that there is Williams, some" would be Michael cream does not want the world to know about "at home. Williams led Murray to the palace to retrieve the "cream", and after checking with the head of Jackson's security, but they allowed the doctor to the house again. The

Co-CEO of AEG Live, Paul Gongaware back on the stand again Wednesday, the testimony that Murray had asked at the beginning of the exorbitant amount of $ 5 million annually for the care of Jackson. Help when he insisted that the singer had wanted Murray to take care of him, Gongaware to call back and make $ 150,000 per month. The

The final witness to testify Wednesday President Jackson security, Mohammed Fahim, who described arriving on the scene to see Murray has been trying frantically to revive the fallen pop star, while the two of Jackson's children Paris and Prince, looked on. Mohammed said Jackson appeared to be dead when I arrived and when he noticed that children in the room, and took them in the basement. Mohamed said that he heard Murray asked if anyone knew CPR, prompting fellow goalkeeper Alberto Alvarez, in an attempt to help.

On Tuesday, the opening day of the trial, in addition to disturbing images of Jackson and voice mail that has been slurred speech singer and distorted, the jury heard from a friend for a long time and choreographer Kenny Ortega, who said, and could tell something was not right with Jackson.

Murray was accused of

And manslaughter and management of a lethal dose of anesthetic propofol surgery that caused the death of Jackson, faces four years in prison and the loss of medical license if found guilty. Said

And defense attorney Ed Chernoff said Tuesday that the jury caused the death of Jackson himself by swallowing eight - 2 mg of grain and Razibam anti-anxiety drugs, as well as injection of the same dose of propofol, which killed him instantly. Testimony in the trial continues Thursday.

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Dr. Michael Jackson remained "panicked" voice mail after death
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