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 Free Health Clinic Helps Dozens

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PostSubject: Free Health Clinic Helps Dozens    Free Health Clinic Helps Dozens  Icon-new-badgeSun Aug 28, 2011 7:22 am

Free Health Clinic Helps Dozens

GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. -- A local group is providing care for people without health insurance. It's called the Good Samaritan project. It's in conjunction with the Downtown Vineyard Church.

Saturday they held their first clinic. About 35 volunteers set up the mobile clinic at the Catholic Outreach Center. Doctors, nurses and mental health professionals were on site.

After only a couple hours, more than 40 people had been seen.

"We've been seeing people with infections, ear infections. Somebody had a throat infection that required antibiotics. Some lacerations, scrapes, bruises, those types of things. Things that if they hadn't been taken care of would have required further hospitalization, maybe. So I think we're cutting out health care costs," Good Samaritan director Lloyd Davis said.

Davis says it's been a dream to provide free health and mental health care to the community. They plan to have another clinic next month.

Down the road, the organization hopes to have a free standing clinic that's open a few days a week.
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Free Health Clinic Helps Dozens
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