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 Hurricane News New York America 2011

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PostSubject: Hurricane News New York America 2011   Hurricane News New York America 2011 Icon-new-badgeSun Aug 28, 2011 6:46 am

Hurricane News New York America 2011

The U.S. is preparing for the worst, hours before the arrival of Hurricane Irene

Prepared tens of thousands of people yesterday to the impending arrival of Hurricane Irene to the east coast of the United States, while U.S. authorities ordered the evacuation process, including an unprecedented 250 thousand of the population of New York and the closure of airports.

It is expected to hit the coast of Hurricane Irene, North Carolina Saturday before passing the eastern coast Sunday at Washington and New York and Boston, one of the most densely populated areas in the world with a population of 65 million people. It may be accompanied by high waves three to four meters, according to the U.S. National Center for hurricanes.
Has cut Barack Obama's vacation in the state of Massachusetts (north east) and returned to the White House in Washington on Friday night just before midnight. Obama appealed to Americans to «take this hurricane very seriously» because its size may be a «historic».
Obama said in a speech: «If you're on the projected path of the hurricane you take precautionary measures now. Do not wait », and« if you received an evacuation order, please abide by it ».
The hurricane weakened slightly yesterday with winds of 150 kilometers per hour instead of 160 km per hour as recorded during the night, slipping back to the Hurricane Category 1 is the lowest in the hierarchy of the Saffir - Simpson, composed of five levels. In Category 1 wind speeds ranging from the 119 and 153 km per hour. And should exceed the speed of the 249 km per hour to reach Category 5.
According to the National Hurricane Center, the Irene «is expected to remain quite on the border between the two groups 1 and 2» until the arrival to the coasts of North Carolina.
At 9:00 am GMT eye of the hurricane were not only at a distance of 55 km to the south of Cape Lookout in North Carolina which were exposed to violent winds and heavy rains also announced the National Hurricane Center published in the latter.
After Hurricane Katrina, which battered New Orleans in 2005, authorities fear that accompanied Irene floods and power cuts and damage.
The cost of damage up to $ 12 billion, as experts estimate Qinetiq Centre for Research, which develops models of information about the potential damage caused by weather conditions.
The authorities announced that U.S. states of North Carolina and Massachusetts to reach a state of emergency as tens of thousands of people received the command to stay away from the coast.
In New York, is Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who has made the issue of hurricane «life and death», Friday, the evacuation of 250 thousand residents of coastal areas at risk, are mandatory. It also had 750 thousand of the population of New Jersey to get away from the area of ​​Cape May.
Bloomberg said: «we do not apply at all mandatory evacuation, and we were to do that we do not expect to be a very dangerous storm». He added that Irene «heading directly toward us».
As well as the New York airports were closed as of yesterday afternoon (16.00 GMT) for all arrivals also announced that the airport authorities.
As well as public transport stops as of yesterday afternoon, most likely, rush hour Monday, Bloomberg also advised as a precaution, store the population of basic commodities.
And warned the authorities of New York state that the main highways into the city would be closed if wind speeds exceeded 96 km per hour. Also placed on alert unprecedented 900 troops of the National Guard and 2,500 workers in the electricity sector to be ready to intervene in the event of power outages. In the Bronx, drove out the boats from the water and placed in a shelter owners. One of them was named Nelson Powell is preparing a year ago to sail toward Florida, but financial problems forced him to delay his project. He said the New Yorker who is 70 years of age and who will be on the path of the hurricane if it went on the trip, satisfaction, «This comes at the right time».
In Washington, residents store reserves of water and electricity generators to buy from stores.
And repeated the North Carolina Governor Bev Perdue «we ordered the evacuation of all our citizens from the coast», pointing out that the state can not force one to leave but those who do not obey their instructions «will find themselves alone amid the storm».
The military mobilization element 101A of the National Guard. And left the aircraft for the U.S. Air Force bases in Florida, Delaware and Virginia to be safe. Also sent all marine vessels moored in the port of Hampton Roads (Virginia) to the sea to be less susceptible.
Said Chris Vaccaro, a spokesman for meteorological devices: «We have not had a threat of hurricane like this for decades». According to estimates of the U.S. space agency (NASA) based on the satellite, Qatar hurricane was 820 kilometers is equal to about one-third the total length of the east coast of the U.S. 2675 km.
The north-eastern United States usually distant from the hurricanes. In 1985, Gloria was the last hurricane to hit New York.
Vaccaro and concluded by saying, «would be a longer weekend for the people» East Coast.
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Hurricane News New York America 2011
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