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 Anxiety, Panic & PhobiasThe Young Minds

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Anxiety, Panic & PhobiasThe Young Minds Empty
PostSubject: Anxiety, Panic & PhobiasThe Young Minds   Anxiety, Panic & PhobiasThe Young Minds Icon-new-badgeFri Sep 02, 2011 11:34 pm

Anxiety, Panic & PhobiasThe Young Minds

The Young Mind: an essential guide for parents, teachers and young adults. Order your discount copy from us - 20% off.

Readable and well-researched information for the public.




For anyone who is worried about themselves, a friend or a relative.

Anxiety, panic and phobias: our main leaflet
Anxiety and Phobias: a leaflet for carers and professionals.
Coping With Trauma: helpful information for anyone experiencing trauma
Shyness and Social Phobia
Anxiety, Panic and Phobias: key facts - a short version of our main leaflet
Smoking and mental health
Exercise and mental health

Reading about self-help

Phobias and panic disorder - a review of self help books (subscription required)


What is Cognitive Behavioural Therapy?
Complementary and Alternative Medicines 1: Herbal remedies & supplements

Children and young people

Worries and anxieties - helping children to cope: what parents and teachers need to know
An extensive recommended reading list of books aimed at children, young people and parents.

Related topics

Anxiety: an informative leaflet challenging our attitudes towards people with an anxiety disorder

En Français

La Thérapie Cognitivo-Comportementale (TCC)
Les Antidepresseurs

Chinese version

Anxiety and Phobias
Social Phobias
What is Cognitive Behavioural Therapy?

Urdu, Urdu

Anxiety & phobias



Books for the public

The Mind: A User's Guide. An accessible, jargon-free reference book designed to educate, inform and empower anyone who has an interest in safeguarding or improving their mental health.
A 2007 survey of self-help books

Books for professionals

Prevention of Anxiety and Depression in Vulnerable Groups: provides practical preventive strategies for prevention of anxiety and depression occurring in adults in the community

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Anxiety, Panic & PhobiasThe Young Minds
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