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 healthy food for pregnant

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healthy food for pregnant

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Eating and nutrition

It’s important to eat a healthy diet during pregnancy.
You also need plenty of vitamins and minerals in your diet.
Most pregnant women need around 300 extra calories per day.

In depth

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Eating the right foods for you and your baby

During pregnancy, your baby is counting on you for the nutrients she needs to grow healthy and strong. You can’t eat all the junk food you want, but you also don’t have to give up all the foods you love when you’re pregnant. You just need to eat smart and make sure that most of your choices are healthy ones.

Try to eat foods from each of the five food groups every day. The five food groups include grains, vegetables, fruits, milk products and proteins. Also, be sure you’re getting the right amount of vitamins and minerals you’ll need to keep you and baby healthy, such as folic acid and calcium.

Most women need around 300 extra calories per day during pregnancy. For example, one healthy snack like four fig bars and a glass of skim milk will provide these extra calories. However, the exact amount of extra calories you need depends on your weight before pregnancy. Talk to your health provider to learn more about a healthy eating plan that’s right for you.

There are certain things you’ll want to limit or avoid, like caffeine, or foods that can cause an allergic reaction. You’ll also want to make sure you’re taking extra steps to handle food safely and keep food fresh and safe to avoid food-borne illnesses.
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healthy food for pregnant
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