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 nutrition health and wellness

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nutrition health and wellness

Nutrition, Health and Wellness
Nestlé’s Dedication to Nutrition, Health, and Wellness

A balanced diet and physical activity are essential to a healthy lifestyle and overall personal wellness. As part of the world's largest food company, Nestlé USA recognizes the importance of providing information and products that contribute to healthy living.
Health and Wellness Partnerships

Nestlé USA extends its nutrition expertise into wide-ranging community programs and partnerships, including:

Nestlé and Hulu created the Health & Wellness Channel, an on-line destination for consumers interested in living healthy, active lifestyles. Programming features include celebrity chefs (Giada DeLaurentis and Rachael Ray), fashion (Project Runway), and news content from popular shows such as Good Morning America. Contributing networks include ABC, Scripts, Bravo, A&E, Style and Exercise TV. Participating Nestlé brands include STOUFFER’S®, LEAN CUISINE®, HOT POCKETS® brand sandwiches, BUITONI® pastas and sauces, NESTLÉ® JUICY JUICE® 100% juice drinks, NESTLÉ® NESQUIK® flavored milk), NESTLÉ® COFFEE-MATE® non-dairy creamer, The Skinny Cow™, NESTLÉ DRUMSTICK®, NESTLÉ® BUTTERFINGER®, CARNATION® INSTANT BREAKFAST®, and GERBER® products.
Healthy Weight Commitment Foundation (HWCF), a national, multi-year effort designed to help reduce obesity – especially childhood obesity – by 2015; Produce for Better Health Foundation and its Fruits & Veggies—More Matters® national health initiative which encourages Americans to consume more fruits and vegetables; founder of award-winning Healthy Steps for Healthy Lives program, offering teachers innovative tools to education children about nutrition and physical activity, as well as Talleres Mas de Juicy Juice for the Hispanic community; Children’s Food and Beverage Advertising Initiative, pledging to only advertise healthier dietary choices to children between the ages of six and eleven. >> get more information on these programs.
Feeding America, annually providing assistance to more than 25 million people in need; Reading is Fundamental (RIF), the nation’s largest literacy organization; Fruit Tree Planting Foundation and its "Communities Take Root" program to help plant more orchards; Nestlé National Day of Volunteering and Community Care Campaign. >> get more information on these programs.

Contributing to Healthy Living

Loaded with real fruit and Vitamin C, DREYER’S and EDY’S® Snack Size Fruit Bars make it easy to snack healthier. Available in a 1.5-oz. snack size, these frozen delights are low in calories (50 calories each) and big on flavor.
The Power of Pumpkin is showcased in just one delicious serving of LIBBY’S® 100% Pure Pumpkin, as it contains a rich source of nutrients while being low in calories and fat, and is naturally sodium-free. This American tradition, known for Thanksgiving pumpkin pie and other indulgent holiday favorites, is now recognized for its superior nutrition benefits. These benefits are highlighted in the Libby’s Pumpkin pages of with Powered-Up Recipes, Tips, Discussion Boards, On-Line Games and Nutrition Information pages.
Offering pure, clean flavors without distraction, the HÄAGEN-DAZS® Five™ All Natural Ice Cream Series features a lineup of flavors made with only five all-natural ingredients and surprisingly less fat. Available in Caramel, Coffee, Lemon, Milk Chocolate, Mint, Strawberry and Vanilla Bean.
NESTLÉ® NESQUIK® products encourage children and adults to get the important nutrients they need from milk. NESQUIK Powder has 25% less sugar than other leading brands and is fortified with calcium, vitamin C and other essential nutrients. The Ready-to-Drink variety comes in nine delicious flavors and is easy to drink on the go. Nestlé’s new NESQUIK 100 Calorie Chocolate Milk delivers a delicious portion-controlled option that has 40% fewer calories than other low-fat flavored milks.
Containing half the sugar and half the calories of sweetened condensed milks, LA LECHERA® 50% Less Sugar is the condensed milk category’s only reduced sugar item. Delivering the same rich and authentic taste as the original version, it yields the same as a can of regular sweetened condensed milk in many desserts and only requires slight adjustments in others.
BUITONI® refrigerated pastas and sauces reflect the growing emphasis on the nutritional value of whole grains, with some pastas made from 100% whole durum wheat flour, which contain 4-8g of fiber per serving.
LEAN POCKETS® brand sandwiches Made with Whole Grain have a whole grain crust and come in seven delicious varieties. Each sandwich offers at least 16 grams of whole grain per serving, 7 grams of fat, and 260 calories or less.
LEAN CUISINE® products, which are delicious, portion-controlled entrees, offer six product lines containing everything from Asian-inspired meals to vegetarian dishes to classic comfort foods. SPA CUISINE™ entrees from LEAN CUISINE feature the delicious combination of 100% whole grains and vegetables. New varieties include Apple Cranberry Chicken, Roasted Honey Chicken, and Thai Style Noodles with Chicken and five new recipes, in addition to eight other great-tasting varieties.
NESTLÉ® RAISINETS® are sunripened, plump juicy California raisins, cranberries or cherries tucked in rich creamy Nestlé Classic Milk Chocolate or Dark Chocolate. RAISINETS have 30% less fat than the leading chocolate brands, and ½ serving of fruit in every ¼ cup serving. Winner of the Chef ’s Best Award for America’s Best Chocolate Covered Raisins, this is an indulgence you can feel better about.
THE SKINNY COW™ line of lowfat ice cream snacks offers ice cream sandwiches, cones and bars including THE SKINNY COW Truffle Bar, available in French Vanilla, Chocolate, White Mint and Caramel flavors drizzled with chocolate ribbons for a rich taste and just 100 portion-controlled calories per bar.
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nutrition health and wellness
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