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 nutrition health letter

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PostSubject: nutrition health letter   Sun Aug 28, 2011 6:16 am

nutrition health letter

This health letter is extremely easy to read, and each
colorfully-illustrated issue is packed with informative, non-partial
information -- the publication accepts no government or industry
funding, or advertising of any kind.

The issues contain about
16 pages, and each issue has a theme. For example, the October, 2010
issue details "how arteries age" and what you can do to slow, or
possibly stop the process. I particularly like the "food watch"
section, exposing the false claims made by food marketing executives.

an example, a well-advertised juice company advertises a "medley" drink
and states that "every 8 oz. glass has 2 total fruit and veggie
servings, and contains the powerful anti-oxidant vitamins C and E and
the bone mineral magnesium." The answer as to how the company manages
to squeeze two servings into one 8 oz. glass is quite simple - the
USDA's pyramid food guide states that a serving of juice is just half a
cup - so an 8 oz glass of ANY juice is two servings! As for the "two
total fruit and veggie servings" per 8 oz. glass, it sounds like one
fruit and one vegetable serving, right? - Wrong! Each glass has mostly
water plus nutrient-poor apple and grape juice fortified with vitamins
C, E and Magnesium. As for the veggie claim, each glass contains appx.
2 tablespoons of carrot juice - no wonder the drink "tastes just like
the fruit juice your family loves" - with the exception of 2 tablespoons
of carrot juice, it is!

The "Right Stuff vs. Food Porn" segment
is always enlightening. For example, one Italian chain restaurant
recently introduced a new appetizer to its menu - Lasagna Fritta.
Unfortunately, this "appetizer" has 1,030 calories, a day's worth of
saturated fat (21 grams) and sodium (1,590 milligrams). Couple this
with the complimentary breadsticks (150 calories each) plus an entrée
easily exceeding 1500 calories and you have the ideal Christmas gift
suggestion - a larger belt!

I highly recommend this publication and have given gift subscriptions to my friends
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nutrition health letter
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