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 nutrition courses distance learning

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PostSubject: nutrition courses distance learning   Sat Aug 27, 2011 10:06 pm

nutrition courses distance learning

Unlock Your Potential with Distance Learning

Don’t let lack of knowledge and skills or self doubt hold you back from realising your goals.
Do you dream of:-

Switching your job.
Being promoted in your current career.
Gaining a qualification that will give you more security at work.
Enjoying an in depth study of your favourite hobby or interest.
Adding another skill to those you already have.

Distance learning with Stonebridge will help you achieve your goals and fulfil your dreams. Not only that we can guarantee the most enjoyable, effective and successful way for you to study plus a recognised qualification to be proud of:-

Because you don’t need any prior qualifications to enrol on one of our home learning courses
Because all our home learning courses are officially accredited which guarantees the quality of the course and the validity of your diploma
Because a dedicated personal tutor who knows your subject and course will support you throughout
Because your distance learning course will be delivered to you a section at a time with regular assessments to keep you on track and build your confidence

Worried You Don’t Have The Time Or Money?
Don’t worry because Stonebridge distance learning can fit around your lifestyle and budget. You can manage your own training timetable and make interest free monthly payments that will allow you to spread the costs of your course over eight months with a deposit of just £49.99.

Our Distance Learning Courses let you study when you want so you can comfortably fit your new training around the busiest of personal schedules.
Our Home Study Courses let you study where you want saving you time and money whilst studying in the comfort of your own home.
Our Online Home Learning Courses are totally flexible you can enrol and graduate when you choose setting your own personal pace.
Our Home Learning offers the best value for money because comparative college courses are considerably dearer and we offer top quality home study courses at very competitive prices.

Choose Your Course with Complete Confidence
We are one of the largest distance learning colleges in the world because our focus has always been on YOU the individual student.

So find the course that suits your requirements and enrol today you can completely trust us to deliver an unparalleled learning experience.

Distance Learning the Key to an Enriched Life: Why?

Distance learning promotes a happy, fulfilled and engrossing journey for both yourself and others who benefit from your knowledge, wisdom and zeal for life. It will give you;

Confidence, enthusiasm and capability when you're young,
Choice, satisfaction and security on that precarious career ladder
Absorbing interests, a positive outlook and genuine happiness in later years.

The term home study usually refers to distance learning but of course the home is where your learning began. From birth to the tender age of five you absorbed the most condensed amount of learning primarily from your parents, and maybe carers at a nursery. This period of time was crucial for you and will no doubt have affected your abilities, attitudes and confidence as you grew into an adult.

From five onwards home study will have changed to school education (unless your parents elected to home educate you) which may or may not have suited your personality. The major challenge with a school learning environment is that so much depends on things you can't change:-

The . . .

teacher's enthusiasm, knowledge and ability
frequency and extent of disruption by other pupils
competitive atmosphere within the classroom
lack of focus on subjects that you yearn to learn about
expected pace of learning compared to your "take up" speed
over concentration on OFSTED and exam stats rather than true learning
rigid timetable of both lessons and examinations
excessive homework with tight deadlines

Perhaps like many, the contrast between relaxed home study and the inflexibility of formal teaching meant that you left school frustrated, deflated and with "average to poor" qualifications. If so distance learning (home study) offers you a vibrant way to change all that and open doors you never thought possible.

Many do blossom under the strict regime of school. If you did, you are fortunate and no doubt built a fine academic background on which to build a font of knowledge that will grant you a passport to enjoy the many fruits of lifelong learning.
Good distance learning (Home Study) is impartial and offers everyone an equal chance to continue learning throughout their life

Because most distance learning courses require no pre qualifications, so no matter how well or poorly you did at school you can enrol, study and qualify

Because with distance learning courses there is no element of competition, no "moving" pass mark. The only comparisons made are to the syllabus and how well you have absorbed its content and applied its content

Because home study courses allow you to go as fast or as slow as you want. This means that if you have learning disabilities such as impaired hearing, partial sight or are just a little slower than average at grasping new points you can relax and take your time. There are no deadlines with our distance learning.

Because the costs of our distance learning courses are affordable and you can spread out the payments over several months with no interest added. This means that everyone can enjoy and benefit from distance learning no matter what there income.

Because with home study there is no travelling, so it doesn't matter if you live a long way from a college or not, distance learning is delivered right into your front room or wherever you choose to home study

Because distance learning courses are open to people of all ages which means that they really are the mainstay of lifelong learning

Good distance learning offers focussed knowledge, professional training and highly respected qualifications . . .

. . . but beware there are some sharks in the waters of home study, waiting to take your money and run.

This worry is a valid one because there are some home study courses that are not of a high standard and the certificates issued are not worth the paper they're written on.
Your money, time and self respect are at stake so:-

How can you ensure the home study courses of your choice are authentic, current and well written? And how can you be confident that the qualification associated with those home study courses will be accepted?

Any course that is delivered by distance learning should be accredited to a recognised level of learning by an independent official body such as NCFE or respected industry specialist organisation such as HABIA (beauty)

Such accreditation of home distance courses will ensure that:-

The content is accurate, current and at the correct standard for that course and qualification.
The method of delivery and style is also audited to guarantee that the learning process eases your understanding
The qualification both grades the level of learning and satisfies employers, insurance companies and prospective clients or customers
Above all that you enjoy, learn and greatly benefit from your chosen course

So why are you looking at distance learning? What do you hope to get out of a home study course?

Maybe it's time for a change of job and you need new skills and an authentic qualification. It could even be you are looking to be your own boss and set up your own business.

Perhaps you are looking to increase the security of your current position or to go for promotion. Often companies are happy to support such ambition and always respect distance learning because it shows initiative, determination and dedication.

You may be looking to get some foundation qualifications that you missed out on in your earlier schooling and are looking forward to going at your own pace in private with the help of a personal tutor when and if you need it.

And what's wrong with learning something new just because you wanted to. Lots of our students have done that, opening up new vistas of fascination and pure enjoyment in the relaxed atmosphere of their own home.

Whatever your reason you can be sure that if you invest in a home study course from Stonebridge it will enrich your life, grant you confidence you never thought possible, spark enthusiasm you never knew you had and begin the most exciting journey of lifelong learning.
Choose your home study course now, enrol today and begin to enrich your life with distance learning tomorrow.
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health doctor

health doctor

Posts : 795
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PostSubject: Re: nutrition courses distance learning   Sun Aug 28, 2011 5:55 am

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nutrition courses distance learning
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